Responsive Gravity Forms

When you have managed to setup your contact form, order form or other form with Gravity Forms in two columns you will soon realize it is not responsive out of the box. You will need additional CSS to go from two columns to one column on smaller screen sizes. Responsive Two Column Form with Gravity […]

BackupBuddy and GoDaddy

BackupBuddy and GoDaddy have never really been buddies really. Been hard to run BackupBuddy on GoDaddy to say the least, but I am here to tell you there are options to make it work on GoDaddy as running backups from the Dashboard fail most if not all the time. The option is running backups from […]

From WordPress Dashboard to Frontend

Sometimes the most obvious steps to take for some, and certainly for veteran WordPress users like me are overlooked. By blogging here at Imagewize I am trying to help clients with answering basic WordPress questions so they can work on updating their site and promoting their business. So a question I had on a site […]

Modern WordPress Development with Roots

I have been working on and off as a web developer and mainly with WordPress for over 15 years. I worked with different frameworks such as Genesis, Thesis, Canvas and Divi. I also worked or dabbled in a few starters themes such as _s .  And often I have customized themes that customers found / bought […]

Bedrock Modern WordPress Stack

Bedrock Modern WordPress Stack is a package that helps you set up a WordPress environment at lighning speed with Ansible and Vagrant to work on a site locally or on a server. It setups a better folder structure, makes loading plugins easier, takes care of deployment and puts your WordPress credentials in a safer place. […]

Translate Comments in WordPress

For one of the many projects of mine “Teacher in A Bottle” I have been looking for a plugin or way to translate comments on the fly. That is to say to automatically translate comments when a visitor wants to. Or way to get comments made translated into the language of the teacher. There are […]

Display Featured Images of All Pages with Parent X

What if you need to display all thumbnails of all pages under the frequently asked questions parent page on the homepage or another page? I initially thought a [WP_Query][1] will be the best way to do this.

Command Line Installation WordPress

To install WordPress from the command line there are several tools available WordShell (commercial) and wp-cli (free)to name a few –  but here I will show you how you can use the basic command line or shell to speed up things. We do a full WordPress installation from the command line we will use the […]

Migrating WordPress from Dreamhost LAMP to Nginx Web Server

Migrating a WordPress site from a LAMP server to a LEMP server can be rather daunting even when you have quite a bit of documentation, but scattered, and some help, but limited, from Dreamhost. Here I will summarize how I got to migrate the initial WordPress site from my LAMP VPS to a LEMP VPS […]

NextGen Gallery Template Sample 5

Well here as promised at a support forum post and requested by Marc Serra the code to make a NextGen Gallery similar to sample 5 and as shown at !This Code is not re-formatted for general use and might not be complete. Will try to rework the code some other time. I created a […]