WP CLI Call to undefined function apply_filters()

Doing a BackupBuddy backup from the commandline using WP CLI on a GoDaddy server the other day I ran into a fatal error. A WP CLI Call to undefined function apply_filters() error to be precise. It did not allow me to backup from the command line at all. The site was running fine. Anyways, the […]

BackupBuddy Wordfence Conflict

Had a BackupBuddy Wordfence conflict the other day. I noticed in the BackupBuddy logs that BackupBuddy failed to make a backup as it tried to backup the Wordfence tmp file while that was being used by Wordfence. And therefore it failed. Calling BackupBuddy.. I contacted BackBuddy support. They responded quite quickly as they always do. Love that […]

WP CLI Error Running BackupBuddy Backup

Updating a site using BackupBuddy from the command line using WP CLI I ran into the following error related to the LayerSlider 5.6.2 plugin on WordPress 4.4.1. WP CLI Error Running BackupBuddy Backup The WP CLI Error running BackupBuddy Backup on a GoDaddy Ultimate Linux hosted site was: Fatal error: Class ‘WP_Widget’ not found in /home/user/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/LayerSlider/wp/widgets.php […]

BackupBuddy and GoDaddy

BackupBuddy and GoDaddy have never really been buddies really. Been hard to run BackupBuddy on GoDaddy to say the least, but I am here to tell you there are options to make it work on GoDaddy as running backups from the Dashboard fail most if not all the time. The option is running backups from […]