Show all Database Users in Trellis

Sometimes you want to show all users in Trellis. Just to be sure a certain database user is there. I for example keep on forgetting the database username generated based on the group_vars/group/vault.yml. And I need it to access the database properly with Sequel Pro . So how do we do this? SSH into Box To […]

MariaDB on Trellis Failed to Start – /usr/bin/mysqld_safe: No such file or directory

Post Digital Ocean restart to deal with security patches for vulnerabilities (Spectre and Meltdown Mitigation )MariaDB on Trellis failed to start. So the site failed to connect to the database and went down. MariaDB Down MariaDB was down and restarting it failed suggesting us to check journalctl -xe for more information. In the journalctl -xe […]

Access MariaDB on Trellis LEMP using Sequel Pro

To access MariaDB on Trellis LEMP using Sequel Pro from you local box is easy once you know how. Like with most things in life really. But the main thing is that you need to know the proper way to access the database once you have set up SSH access properly with Sequel Pro (see […]

Trellis and Sequel Pro for OSX

If you are working with Trellis LEMP Stack on a Mac to create beautiful and professional WordPress themes on blazing fast and secure servers you are bound to wind up needing to manipulate the database. Many developers are used to PHPMyAdmin. Well, you should not install it and it has not been installed on Trellis. Install Sequel […]