Oxygen Builder should run on any server that can run WordPress one would assume. And DreamPress does run WordPress websites. They are however not clear on memory on offer at on the pricing pages with specifications. Oxygen Builder is a greedy little bastard memory and requests wise while using the builder to build pages so that worried me some. Especially when using it to build on the server itself. Not really when doing it locally. Then one could even do it on their shared hosting if need be. Just build it locally and push changes.

Oxygen Builder Minimal Requirements

Did I check the minimal requirements for Oxygen Builder? I did, years ago when I bought the unlimited license. When you Google these today they are very hard to locate. You can see PHP 7 is supported and 8 is not supported (yet) in their FAQ. On memory nothing is to be found, only recommendations on Facebook of using 1-4 GB RAM. Documentation mentions nothing currently and as DreamPress does not tell resources only telling us DreamPress uses DreamCompute this forces us to kind of guess. We are however told DreamPress should scale up and down to your needs to handle 30K visitors traffic wise using the basic package. So that is good to hear. Would however be nice to have been told to at least use 1-2GB of memory.

When you Google Oxygen Builder for memory usage you hit https://oxygenbuilder.com/documentation/troubleshooting/troubleshooting-guide/ and need for more memory when you hit error 500 when you run out. They do not mention to please use X GB or something of the sort. Though it all depends on many factors more information would have been nice. You only have the Facebook threads mentioned where most say 1-4GB.

DreamPress Specs

So what do we know about the DreamPress setup? Well it uses an isolated resource for your website which is good. For the smallest package you will read it can handle up to 100K visitors, has its own caching, promises unmetered bandwidth, offers staging, has automatic core and security updates and has 30GB SSD storage. All really solid settings. They are just not clear on the RAM they allow and as mentioned earlier they seem to allow scaling up and down of memory using their DreamCompute Cloud computing. But they do not say how much.

I did use DreamCompute in its infancy as well, but yeah, you had to choose a size in RAM and pay accordingly hourly. And so they must use a setting for DreamPress. And I doubt we are allowed peaks up to 16GB RAM which is quite pricey when buying on an hourly or monthly basis:

gp1.hyperspeed 16 GB RAM 8 vCPU for $0.16/hr $96.00/month

Many Unknowns

So again, I do not know what max RAM DreamPress offers. I would guess 512MB up to 4GB peaks are given. But again, this would be speculation. Perhaps it is fair use policy and if I am allowed 2 GB peaks while building I think we will be just fine. Otherwise .. better to build locally. As for Oxygen Builder RAM needs. That also remains speculation as they never indicated how much you need. And in ways that is understandable as it also depends on plugins used. Whether or not WooCommerce package for Oxygen is needed and so on.

Well, we always enjoyed Dreamhost and DreamPress we did run before with satisfaction, so we are positive it will work out. But we will let you know once we have set up the client site with their basic package and have built some pages on the staging environment. Until then .. tada!

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