There are some nagging Jetpack WPML issues, really. Been using Jetpack for many things, but stats and auto posting to social media are one of my favorites. For translating and managing my bilingual site I have been using WPML. The best one of its kind. Unfortunately the two do not work well together.  This in the field of displaying statistics and the translation of Jetpack elements anyways.

Allow me to briefly introduce the two plugins and then get to the issues at hand.


Jetpack is a great free plugin created by Automattic and used at where it is integrated and on sites with the help of a plugin. You can upgrade to a paid version to add additional features like Akismet anti-spam plus and things like backups, but the free version does take care of most of the needs I and my clients have.


It is great for:

to name a few of the free features.

One of my favorites, Jetpack Stats, is a great way to have a snapshot overview of how your WordPress site is doing. Not too bloated.

Jetpack Stats by day

Just a clean way to see what pages and posts have been visited, how many unique visitors and views, where the visitors are from, what referral links were used. Just the basics.



WPML is a state of the art language management tool for WordPress sites. It allows you to manage bilingual or multilingual sites with ease. Whether you work alone or with a team, it is an outstanding tool to translate content, create multilingual content and manage it all from one location using multiple domain names, subdomains or a separate directory for the secondary language(s). Here features as listed by them:

Jetpack Stats issues with WMPL

The issue I have been having is that every time I post a blog in Dutch Jetpack does not show it under insights though it does show as a square under posting activity. Therefore I cannot see how blog posts posted in Dutch fair once they have been published. As no ticket for this specific issues seems to have been filed except for not showing all post in secondary languages at Jetpack Stats I added a new one here.

Jetpack Subscription Translation Issues

Other issue, reported at WPML way back, is that Jetpack Subscriptions does not get translated well. The ticket is quite old now and has not been attended to. It is still not possible to translate the translation widget for display in other languages using WPML.

This is really the reason why I decided to write this blog posts on Jetpack and WPML. Seems the folks at WPML are really busy so perhaps keeping tabs on these issues here will help speed things up. Great products, Jetpack and WPML, so would love them to play well together again. Comments are welcome!

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  1. Hi,
    What do you think about the website speed with Jetpack, is it highly discussed since Jetpack brings potential only if you use most of the extensions/plugins it comes with, so if you use only some features is it really worth it considering page speed, or we should just use other plugins that do exactly the same? I think the most interesting for Jetpack and security and monitoring also stats, but then again wordfence is an option and also brings a cache engine (so with this you cut 2 in 1) and the rest is one or two more plugins!


    1. Well, I did profile plugins with P3 profiler and Query Monitor and I did see that both WPML and Jetpack take up a decent chunk of the queries. But I do both like them quite a bit and with PHP 7 up and running now and everything running on a VPS everything seems to be running well. I do also use Wordfence on most of the sites I manage and do not use Jetpack for security really. It is really stats, update overview and auto posting to social media I like a lot and for those features I keep on using it.

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