Been working for an Australian customer more recently and for several of her website she use the Thrive Architect Page Builder. Not a bad page builder though I prefer Elementor. Though both are not bad and have similar downsides I bumped into one main pain in the b*tt using Thrive Architect.

Export Trap

I had built up a great page in relatively little time. It was a large landing page with a lot of images, text, a table and loads of pricing and review buttons. Then I saw a save as template option and was like great. This way I can save it as a template and export it. And then reuse it on the live website. Then I found out only landing pages can be exported. And templates or content templates cannot.


The only way I could export it all was by creating a unique WordPress user, exporting the pages under that user or opening the Thrive Architect generated page in html view and copy all over. I decided to do the later. Only other pain there again was that all internal urls needed the TLD changed from test to com.

Final Notes

Why they did not have a page export option or content template option? Not sure. Seems they hadn’t come around doing just that. If I had known all this from the start I would have started with a landing page and customized, saved and exported that. For me this was however too late.

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