Responsive Images with Width Based on Actual Image Width

WordPress has responsive images built in these days. Since 4.4 as a matter of fact. But what if we want to have WordPress Responsive images with width based on actual image width? Current State and Needs Can we generate something like WordPress responsive image (comments added to html): <img width=”1024″ height=”445″ src=”” // old browser support […]

Quick Local WordPress Setup with Valet

Often you just want to do a quick WordPress setup locally on your Mac for trying something out. I always do a quick local WordPress setup with Valet. Laravel Valet is an application that is created by the developers behind Laravel. It can be used to run all sorts of apps and WordPress is one […]

NextGen Gallery Custom Field Rotating Images

NextGen Gallery Custom Field Rotating Images was created by us about 5 years ago for Ultimate Fiji Vacations. Since then the NextGen gallery has gone through some major changes. It has been taken over by Imagely and it has had some major upgrades. Shortcode Changes Some of these NextGen Gallery plugin changes were also shortcode […] MainWP Issues

Been having MainWP Issues lately. The MainWP Dashboard cannot connect to the child theme. Never been happy with hostnet really as they throttle RAM all the time. This causes issues doing BackupBuddy backups and even issues with Wordfence. MainWP – Hostnet Connection Severed But now for two months I have not been able to connect […]

WP CLI Installation of WordPress

To do a WP CLI Installation of WordPress on a server where WordPress Command Line Interface is installed is quite easy. Let me explain here how you can get WordPress installed with it in no time. WP CLI Installation To install WP CLI itself do a curl -O chmod +x wp-cli.phar sudo mv wp-cli.phar […]

WooCommerce and Gutenberg – Great stuff ahead!

WooCommerce and Gutenberg.. What will happen when Gutenberg Editor gets introduced to your WooCommerce site in WordPress 5.0? Will it be Armageddon and will all product fields below the description and title field break? Do you need to deactivate Gutenberg just to keep your ecommerce business up and running? What is Gutenberg? Gutenberg is the […]

Trellis Server FTP Credentials requested by WordPress

Just today WordPress asked me to enter FTP Credetials to proceed after I adjusted an image using the Jupiter interface for header images. This had never happened before on any Trellis setup of mine. FTP Credentials Needed The full error message was on a very basic page with the fields to enter the ftp user […]

Imagewize Migration – WordPress Migration Case Study

We just finally did it. The Imagewize Migration is a fact! Imagewize has become IMWZ starting today. We have been thinking about a rebranding for quite some time, but we are finally taking steps. Today we migrated to And I must say it went pretty smoothly. Let us tell you how we did […]

Backing up WordPress from the Command Line

We often have to back up our website and we do not always want to use plugins or control panel options to do this. Often using the command line is a lot easier and quicker. With the help of your terminal you can ssh into your website and fire a few simple commands to backup […]

Awesome WordPress Frontend Editor Gutenberg in Progress

WordPress Frontend Editor Gutenberg is in progress and is looking better day by day. You can play with the demo here: and report bugs or feature requests at the repo here . Gutenberg Elements It is still rather basic, but you can drag and drop re-order blocks, align images or text and some other basic things. […]