Imagewize Migration – WordPress Migration Case Study

We just finally did it. The Imagewize Migration is a fact! Imagewize has become IMWZ starting today. We have been thinking about a rebranding for quite some time, but we are finally taking steps. Today we migrated to And I must say it went pretty smoothly. Let us tell you how we did […]

Backing up WordPress from the Command Line

We often have to back up our website and we do not always want to use plugins or control panel options to do this. Often using the command line is a lot easier and quicker. With the help of your terminal you can ssh into your website and fire a few simple commands to backup […]

Awesome WordPress Frontend Editor Gutenberg in Progress

WordPress Frontend Editor Gutenberg is in progress and is looking better day by day. You can play with the demo here: and report bugs or feature requests at the repo here . Gutenberg Elements It is still rather basic, but you can drag and drop re-order blocks, align images or text and some other basic things. […]

How to add Leadpages Form to WordPress Menu

Sometimes you need to add custom code to your menu. You need a custom menu item that basically is just some html code. You don’t want another sidebar and widget, you just want to add some text. You need to add some Leadpages html code to display a button to opt-in maybe? How to add Leadpages Form to […]

Securing Your WordPress Website with SSL

We wrote about the importance of using SSL before. And we have been pushing for all our clients to get on board and get an SSL certificate. Not only is it good for SEO, but it also makes sure that browsers this year will not consider forms on your site that take user payment details […]

Change Custom Post type Name and Taxonomy of existing Custom Post Type

Had a client ask me the other day if the existing name of the Custom Post Type in question could be changed as the url or taxonomy. So how do you Change Custom Post type Name and Taxonomy of existing Custom Post Type? Well there are a few steps you need to take to do this […]

Child Theme Trouble: This theme is broken

Sometimes you bump into errors while working with child themes. I bumped into a “This theme is broken” error the other day. I wanted to modify an existing child theme. When checking the child theme from the Dashboard I saw this warning in the header: This theme is broken. Template is missing. Standalone themes need to […]

Adding a Favicon in WordPress

To add a favicon in WordPress these days is way easier than it used to be. You used to have to upload the file to the webroot of your website’s server and then added the necessary code to load the favicon in your header. For that your theme needed to have a specific line of code […]

Slider Revolution Slide could not be loaded – Possible Fix

Recently I updated my main slideshow on the homepage. I use Slider Revolution. It is awesome and goes well with the theme I use. For most themes I use really. It is a very versatile slider plugin. But this time around I bumped into an issue I did not see until my CDN loaded the new […]