Trellis DO SSL Upgrade

To do a Trellis DO SSL Upgrade to have your Digital Ocean Droplet run Trellis with all secure https SSL urls several steps will need to be taken. Let me take you through them. Backup Digital Ocean Droplet Snapshot of server as a backup via Digital Ocean Control Panel. This will take 10-20 minutes on […]

Show all Database Users in Trellis

Sometimes you want to show all users in Trellis. Just to be sure a certain database user is there. I for example keep on forgetting the database username generated based on the group_vars/group/vault.yml. And I need it to access the database properly with Sequel Pro . So how do we do this? SSH into Box To […]

WordPress Multisite Database Migration

Recently we did a WordPress Multisite Database Migration on Trellis. All is pretty straightforward files wise though we did have to do some extra media work using a volume. The database on the other hand was a bit more problematic. WP CLI Database Import & URL Replacement Using wp-cli and aliases for the import and replacement: […]

Update Trellis like a Pro


Here a quick blog post how to update Trellis like a pro. Requirements Here are some requirements or basically tips before you get started Trellis should be in its own repo not together with Bedrock/Site Always make sure you’re working in a Git repo Make sure all your work is committed Use a great IDE […]

MariaDB on Trellis Failed to Start – /usr/bin/mysqld_safe: No such file or directory

Post Digital Ocean restart to deal with security patches for vulnerabilities (Spectre and Meltdown Mitigation )MariaDB on Trellis failed to start. So the site failed to connect to the database and went down. MariaDB Down MariaDB was down and restarting it failed suggesting us to check journalctl -xe for more information. In the journalctl -xe […]

WooCommerce Checkout Sendgrid Issue

We had a WooCommerce Checkout Sendgrid Issue on one of our Trellis servers. Payments did work, but no feedback was sent to client or very late. No confirmation of successful sale was given. This is very inconvenient obviously so we checked out what was the issue and solution. We soon found out WooCommerce and Sendgrid […]

Updating Trellis – WordPress LEMP

Updating Trellis can be a challenge initially and there is no one way to do it. Lots of people wrote about it at Roots Discourse and on Github. Most of them require some major git foo. Did write about updating the Trellis server before, but not on how to maintain Trellis itself. Here is my- […]

Trellis Server FTP Credentials requested by WordPress

Just today WordPress asked me to enter FTP Credetials to proceed after I adjusted an image using the Jupiter interface for header images. This had never happened before on any Trellis setup of mine. FTP Credentials Needed The full error message was on a very basic page with the fields to enter the ftp user […]

Digital Ocean Monitoring Beta Setup

Just installed Digital Ocean  monitoring beta on one of my Digital Ocean droplets where I have Trellis running for a WordPress client of mine. It is a new way to monitor bandwidth, memory usage and I/O. And also a way to get alerts when your droplet gets hit hard on one of those metrics. Installation […]

Access MariaDB on Trellis LEMP using Sequel Pro

To access MariaDB on Trellis LEMP using Sequel Pro from you local box is easy once you know how. Like with most things in life really. But the main thing is that you need to know the proper way to access the database once you have set up SSH access properly with Sequel Pro (see […]