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Assign Specific Role on Registration
Sometimes you need a custom registration form. A registration form where more fields can be added and where you can assign a specific role based on user input. Plugin Registration Better to put the to be added code in a mu-plugins plugin instead of the theme's function.php. So let's start
Apply Filter to Specific User
What if you need to apply a certain filter for a certain user? What could you do to achieve this? Well, there is too things we would have to look at. The user we want to work with and the filter to use. User CapabilitiesAdd User Role User Capabilities Check
Thrive Architect Page Export Requested
Been working for an Australian customer more recently and for several of her website she use the Thrive Architect Page Builder. Not a bad page builder though I prefer Elementor. Though both are not bad and have similar downsides I bumped into one main pain in the b*tt using Thrive
Trellis Setup with Laravel Valet
We often prefer working with Laravel Valet over working with Trellis. This as Trellis runs Vagrant which runs VirtualBox. Very heavy all that while you could use Laravel Valet which uses the resources your Mac has and only needs some extras using Homebrew. Trellis Valet Driver Now, there is a
Since my new MacOS Catalina setup I bumped into multiple Trellis issues. Issues with loading the proper interpretor as well as loading the proper Ansible version for the setup. Final issue I had now was dealing with failed SSL certificates and to be more specific NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED . NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED So how
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