Create WordPress Database using MySQL Client

Every now and then I need to create a MySQL or MariaDB database from the command line using the MySQL Client. And I tend to forget exactly what commands to run. Lots of things to remember as a web developer. That is why I created loads of gists at Github. Unfortunately their search is not […]

Converting Japanese Character Sets

A client of mine – Kyoko Inatome – who writes both in English and Japanese, had an issue with the Japanese characters (letters). She had saved the database language differently earlier. Now things no longer worked as it should and all the Japanese had become gibberish. The Japanese Character Sets needed to be converted to be […]

WP CLI Call to undefined function apply_filters()

Doing a BackupBuddy backup from the commandline using WP CLI on a GoDaddy server the other day I ran into a fatal error. A WP CLI Call to undefined function apply_filters() error to be precise. It did not allow me to backup from the command line at all. The site was running fine. Anyways, the […]

WordPress – Simply Good for Business

In this blog post I am going to show you why WordPress is such a great platform for content creation online. WordPress is simply good for business for many reasons and though some may always be partially subjective or just subjective please just bear with me. Twenty Five Percent of the Web Can’t Be Wrong […]

Download failed. Failed to write request to temporary file

Just had an issue with updating all plugins on a Dreamhost VPS. None would update. All plugins showed this error when I tried to update them: Download failed. Failed to write request to temporary file. A bad start of my morning. Fortunately Dreamhost has great live chat any time of the day and they confirmed […]

BackupBuddy Wordfence Conflict

Had a BackupBuddy Wordfence conflict the other day. I noticed in the BackupBuddy logs that BackupBuddy failed to make a backup as it tried to backup the Wordfence tmp file while that was being used by Wordfence. And therefore it failed. Calling BackupBuddy.. I contacted BackBuddy support. They responded quite quickly as they always do. Love that […]

WordPress Site Migration – Case study

I have taken care of a lot of WordPress site migrations or movals over the years. A WordPress Site Migration is therefore nothing new to me. People move their website because they get more traffic, need more flexibility or because they are unhappy with their hosting provider. Or all of the above of course. I […]

Jetpack and WPML Do not Play Well Together

There are some nagging Jetpack WPML issues, really. Been using Jetpack for many things, but stats and auto posting to social media are one of my favorites. For translating and managing my bilingual site I have been using WPML. The best one of its kind. Unfortunately the two do not work well together.  This in […]

WordPress LEMP Stack Management with Trellis

A few months ago – 8 months already yikes! – I wrote a great post on Bedrock Modern WordPress Stack and as is it became a rather long post I decided to indicate I would write on Bedrock Ansible – now Trellis a little later on. Well time has come and gone and the only item […]

WPML – Two Languages – Two Domains – One CMS

Some of you may know that Imagewize Webdesign, run by me, is a site that runs on two languages from two different domains – Dutch and English. This is done using the nifty plugin WPML. With it you can manage your content in multiple languages. You can also run all content from one location and […]